Downloading and Installing WowMOD

The WowMOD zipfile is available for download at and it contains the compiled .amxx file, all of the necessary support and config files, a quick installation guide and the source code updated as of Feb 2nd, 2008.

Installation Instructions

The following text comes from the INSTALL file included in

                             WowMOD Installation Instructions

Step 1. Extract the file into your Counter-Strike base directory (usually cstrike). The wowmod.amxx file was compiled with the amxx version 1.7 compiler.

Step 1. Extract the file into your Counter-Strike base directory (usually cstrike). The wowmod.amxx file was compiled with the amxx version 1.7 compiler.

Step 2. Add one of the following lines to your amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini file - we recommend you use the first version with debugging info turned on, since wowmod is a Huge plugin and likely has more bugs that need to be discovered/killed.

If you would like debugging info turned on then add this

wowmod.amxx debug

Otherwise add this line to leave debugging info turned off


Step 3. For amxmodx versions 1.75 or higher modules are automatically loaded, for other versions you must make sure the following modules are uncommented in your amxmod/configs/modules.ini file


Note: mysql needs to be uncommented even if you do not plan to use it

Note for Windows Users: You may need to add this to the end of your server.cfg file

exec addons/amxmodx/configs/WowMOD/WowMOD.cfg

Please report any bugs to or post at forums.

Thanks -K2mia

Licensing Info and Credits

The following text comes from the CREDITS file included in

Licensing Info

 You are free to use and modify this plugin to your liking with the following
 a) You cannot altar the header/license/credit info in the sourcecode
 b) You cannot altar/remove/replace the credits screen defined in the
    wowmod_info_credits subroutine
 c) You cannot altar/remove/replace the register_plugin() call in wowmod.sma

WowMOD created by K2mia ( Andrew Cowan - )

WowMOD contains code segments from UWC3, also by K2mia (Andrew Cowan) UWC3 was derived from War3FT, credits for UWC3 and War3FT follow

Credits From UWC3

UWC3 is written exclusively for AMX Mod X

Ultimate Warcraft3 Dev. Team

Small scripting: K2mia ( Andrew Cowan ) < > Graphics: steve french < > Website Design: Jim Rhoades < >

str_break() routine provided by BAILOPAN from AMXX0.20 to replace parse() ultimate_decoy() code derived from code for Beyonder superhero (Freecode/Asskicr) some decoy concepts from AMXX forums posts by jjkiller

Credits From War3FT

Original War3FT Credits Follow: Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne by Pimp Daddy (OoTOAoO) email: MSN:

Credits to:

Spacedude (for War3 MOD)
Ludwig Van (for flamethrower)
OLO (for spectating rank info)
JGHG for the mole code
[AOL]Demandred, [AOL]LuckyJ for help coding it for steam
[AOL]Demandred for freezetime exploit fix
Denkkar for some of his code (ie. STEAM_POWERED)
Everyone at for help
joecool12321 for various health related fixes
Tri Moon for various improvements (No Race, war3menu, etc...)
xeroblood for spotting some bugs for me :)
bad-at-this for contributing the status bar code used for godmode (
big bad voodoo)
kamikaze for help w/testing version before release
lui for the delayed ultimate code
The following people helped convert the text to German:
Walken /